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Free Trial Options

Get started with STK today. Sign up for a 21-day trial of STK Cloud or download STK and request a 14-day evaluation license for STK Professional and any add-on modules that interest you.


The fastest and easiest way to get started, with no software to download or install. Now including STK v12!

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STK Cloud requires:

  • an account
  • an HTML5-capable browser (IE is not recommended)
  • a fast, stable internet connection that allows web-socket connections | test your connection

To learn more about STK Cloud, visit the product page, check out the Help, and watch this video:

Getting Started with STK Cloud

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Download and install a free trial of STK Professional and its most popular add-on modules.

Installation requires:

  • an account
  • free downloadable license
  • see our Help for system requirements

If you're looking for other products and installation options, see our Software Downloads page. If you're new to STK, check out the tutorials in our Help.

Don't hesitate to contact us with questions.

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